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Refine software architectural implementation – Part 1

AngularJS, Angular, Express, Spring, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, FronEnd, BackEnd… different frameworks and languages which have the same pitfalls in common; year after year I get used applying key concept such[…]

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22 February 2019 0
Cyber security

IPTables: Firewall with on Ubuntu

IPTables, what is it?! The main firewall tool on ubuntu is iptables, which includes some useful tools like iptables-restore, iptables-save ed iptables. Iptables let you define throughput, input and out network policies and exceptions,[…]

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14 July 2018 0
Euro zone

IBAN: A regexp to rule them all

IBAN code is the International Bank Account Number format made up by the ISO3166 code of a country; a check digit and a series of alphanumeric characters holding informations about[…]

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30 June 2018 0

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